Welcome to ASAP

ASAP is a web server that utilizes recurrent neural networks, term embeddings, supervised machine learning, and NLP techniques to automatically determine the opioid addiction and recovery states of users from their social media posts. Using posts from a single user or multiple users, ASAP can assist epidemiologists in analyzing topics and sentiments of discourse, identifying drug use and recovery terms, and conducting spatial-temporal addiction information analysis.

For a quick introduction to ASAP

  • Get started with a short tutorial.
  • Click here to view sample results for stage prediction analysis (dataset).
  • Click here to view sample results for relapse propensity prediction (dataset).
For extensive use of ASAP

  • Read the detailed tutorial from the drop-down menu. Please be sure to follow the instructions from the tutorial to ensure ASAP process your data without errors.
  • Click here to download ASAP web-server source code (please cite our paper if you use the code).