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Example of a dose response view

Dose response assay covering seven drugs with known bioactivity vs schisto tested in quadruplicate within plate; 11pt, 2.5-fold from 20uM; scanned every 24hr from 0-96 hours.

SchistoView, assay_id 2, screenshot

Example of a drug screen view

Collection of Pharmakon1600, Iconix FDA, and other drugs tested in singlicate; 1pt at 10uM; scanned every 24hr from 0-96 hours.

SchistoView, rssay_id 3, screenshot

Welcome to the SchistoView web-server

SchistoView encapsulates a number of operators that facilitate querying, visualization, analysis, and exploration of phenotypic screening data. SchistoView currently serves as an interface to a database containing screening data for schistosomula (the post infective larval stage of the Schistosoma blood fluke) causing the disease schistosomiasis. It is estimated that worldwide schistosomiasis inflicts over 250 million people and places another 700 million at risk of infection.

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